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HappySplash™ Baby Shower Cap

HappySplash™ Baby Shower Cap

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The Ultimate Bath Time Companion for Your Baby

Are you tired of struggling to keep soap and water out of your baby's delicate face and ears during bath time? Look no further! The HappySplash™ Baby Shower Cap is here to revolutionize your bath time routine and ensure a stress-free experience for both you and your baby.

Professional Endorsement

"As a pediatrician, I highly recommend the HappySplash™ Baby Shower Cap to all parents. Its wide brim and excellent sealing make it a must for bath time. It provides reliable protection for your baby's eyes and ears, ensuring a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. I have seen countless parents and babies benefit from the convenience and comfort of this innovative product."-Dr. Sarah Johnson, Pediatrician, Chief of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital

Say Goodbye to Bath Time Struggles with HappySplash™ Baby Shower Cap

👶Wide Brim Design: Features a wide brim that effectively keeps shampoo and soapy water away from your baby's eyes, ears, and mouth.
👶Safety First: Made from premium EVA foam, safe, soft, and flexible, no hard or sharp edges, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for your little one.

👶Lightweight and Comfortable: Designed to be so lightweight that your baby won't even feel like they're wearing it, making bath time a pleasant experience for both of you.

👶Multi-Purpose Design: Our 3-in-1 baby shower cap is not just for bath time! It can also be used for hair cutting and as a sun shade.
👶Easy to Clean and Reusable: Simply rinse the shower cap with water after each use for easy cleaning and drying. Non-slip and non-deformation.

👶Skin-Friendly and Perfect Fit: With strong stability and good sealing, perfectly fits your baby's head, providing a comfortable and skin-friendly experience.
👶Secure and Comfortable Fit: Easily adjustable by buttons, comfortable fit for babies, infants, and toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years.

98% Of Customers Have Recommended Crown Baby To A Friend!

Nearly 100,000 babies use baby shower caps. Please buy as soon as possible if needed.

Join Thousands of Happy Customers and Make Bath Time Fun and Easy for Your Baby! 

"It is nice and soft and seals well. Soft enough it would not hurt her head either. Works great at keeping the water and soap out of her eyes and ears, and she doesn't think it's uncomfortable either." - Lauren Schwec, New Haven, CT

"This is the absolute best. I used it the same day it arrived. The seal to prevent water seepage is superb - hands down this was the best hair-washing experience for my three-year old daughter. She loves!” - Sandra Deans, Miami, FL

"My son went through a phase where he didn't want to let me tilt his head back to wash hair and of course didn't like water on his face. This was the perfect solution! It fits well. Highly recommend." - Sandra Deans, Owensboro, KY

Easy to Use for Hassle-Free Bath Time!

👼Place the Cap on your baby's head, ensuring that the ear flaps cover their ears and the brim rests comfortably on their forehead.
👼Adjust the cap's size according to your baby's head using the adjustable buttons or fastener located at the back.


● Material: EVA foam
● Colors: Yellow, Blue, Pink(optional)
● Suitable Age: Over 6 Months

Package Includes:
● 1x HappySplash™ Baby Shower Cap

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