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PureGyn ™ Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories - 100% Pure

PureGyn ™ Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories - 100% Pure

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PureGyn™ is The Only FDA Cleared Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories with a Stunning 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Laura Müller, 34, Germany

"As a busy working mom, PureGyn™ has been a lifesaver. It's convenient, easy to use, and has improved my vaginal health significantly. Plus, the added benefit of weight loss has been a pleasant surprise."



⭐⭐⭐⭐ Maria Santos, 31, Spain

"After trying multiple products, I finally found PureGyn™. It has transformed my vaginal health and aided me in my weight loss journey. I am amazed by the results, and I have already recommended this product to my friends and family, who are eager to start using it. I just received my second order and had to give some boxes to them!"

Indispensable detox part: the mighty vagina

The female vagina is a susceptible area for bacterial invasion. Toxins produced by bacterial invasion can cause itching, pain, and a burning sensation, as well as increased odor and discharge. If left untreated, women are prone to gynecological diseases, and even cervical cancer.

Revolutionary Vaginal Capsule

You only need to insert one capsule each night before bedtime to burn fat while you sleep, improve vaginal health, and alleviate symptoms such as itching and discomfort.

Gynecologist endorsement

"As a gynecologist, I have been committed to finding safe and effective products for my patients. PureGyn™ is a product that I have clinically tested and verified. It can not only protect vaginal health but also help detoxify and achieve weight loss. It does not disrupt the body's pH balance and contains natural ingredients to support weight control. PureGyn™ is ideal for those looking for a natural supplement to enhance their weight loss journey." - Beatrice Dixon

Why you'll love it?

The vagina is an important detoxification mechanism of the human body. It will expel waste, toxins and other harmful substances from the body to maintain the pH and micro-ecological balance in the vagina.
PureGyn™ is a natural detox supplement that helps detoxify the body for the dual purpose of vaginal health and weight loss.

Key ingredients

Boric acid(The doctor recommended amount 600 mg boric acid): Turkey, one of the largest boric acid producing countries in the world, has high quality and purity, and advanced boric acid production process and technology. It occurs naturally in some minerals and volcanic waters, a vital ingredient used to treat vaginal infections, supports Healthy pH.
Galla Chinensis: Enriched with tannic acid and gallic acid, which are believed to have therapeutic effects. It can promote metabolism, reduce fat absorption, control appetite, support digestion, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

How does it work?

PureGyn™ capsule is absorbed by the vaginal mucosa once it dissolves. This product aims to repair damaged mucosa and elastic fibers in the vagina, while enhancing the self-cleaning function of the uterus and vagina. With regular use, it can help eliminate body waste, resulting in a healthy, firm, and youthful-looking vagina.

Join in her success journey with our capsules!

✨Lisa, 36, real estate consultant

"I had been struggling with my weight for years, and I'd slipped into a rut because of it. I'd live in these baggy, “fat person” clothes. Another things that also annoyed me is the constant itch and discomfort in my vaginal area. And that's why my husband left. I wasn't the women he fell for anymore. I was on the verge of breaking down and decided to change. After doing some researches, I decided to try PureGyn™ ."
Week 1

"I started to notice the extra inches leaving my waistline. I have lost 7lbs in 1 week. And the itch and discomfort in my vaginal area were almost gone. So far so good. Thank you. I am starting to look like I did when I was 30. Obviously I'll keep taking these capsules myself as I'm blown away by the results!"
Week 3

"Not only has PureGyn™ helped me to drop pounds, but got rid of my vaginal discomfort. I was beginning to feel like my old self again! My husband changed his mind and we are back to our sweet happy life. It feels so good to be noticed.”

One capsule per day, use it before bedtime, and each course of treatment lasts for 14-21 days. 


Q: What is PureGyn™ anti-itching detox slimming suppository?
A: PureGyn™ is a unique suppository designed to support weight loss, detoxification, and relieve itching in the genital area.

Q: How does PureGyn™ anti-itching detox slimming suppository work?
A: PureGyn™ contains a blend of natural ingredients that are absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, repairing damaged tissue, enhancing self-cleaning, and promoting weight loss.

Q: How often should I use PureGyn™ suppository?
A: The recommended dose is once per day for one week, day or night, to complete one course of treatment.

Q: Are there any side effects to using PureGyn™ suppository?
A: PureGyn™ suppository is generally safe and well-tolerated.

Q: How long does it take to see results with PureGyn™ Slimming Suppository?
A: Results may vary, but many users report visible results within a few weeks of consistent use, along with a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Can PureGyn™ Slimming Suppository be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?
A: It is recommended to avoid using PureGyn™ during pregnancy, but it can be used during breastfeeding.

Q: Is PureGyn™ slimming suppository suitable for individuals experiencing menopause?
A: Yes, PureGyn™ slimming suppository can be used by individuals experiencing menopause.

Product information:

  • Name: FemiPure™ anti-Itch detox slimming capsule
  • Capacity: 10pcs/pack
  • Main Ingredient: Boric acid, Galla Chinensis, Wolfberry, Aloe vera
  • Function: keep vaginal healthy, weight loss

Package Includes:
● 10pcs/pack x PureGyn™ Anti-Itch Detox Slimming Capsules

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